Ballard Pediatric Dentistry


Seattle, WA

Project Type



W.R. Hanson, Inc.

Custom Wallpaper

Abnormals Anonymous


Decoration & Furniture


W.R. Hanson, Inc.

Brand Identity

The Mahoney Studio

Decorative Lighting


Photography — Ellie Lillstrom

We were approached by Dr. Mamiko Kuriya to select the finishes and fixtures for her new pediatric dental practice in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. Dr. Mamiko is an advocate for both wellness and well-being, and is one of the warmest people we’ve ever met. We wanted her space to be an extension of her ethos — safe, fun, bright, and always revolving around the needs of kids.

The project’s lively color palette and artwork brings a sophisticated levity to the space that is appreciated by both youngsters and their families. Artful touches include a custom mural of the Ballard neighborhood (inspired by vintage building blocks and children’s books), bold and brightly colored doors and surfaces, and custom wall coverings identifying individual treatment rooms.

The overall feeling of the space demonstrates Dr. Mamiko’s deep respect and love for the kids she serves.

Architectural elements received consistent finishes—doors are yellow, floating soffits are blue—to enhance the building-block feel of the logo system.

We utilized bold and bright colors for finishing touches that will keep the space feeling fresh through years of heavy use and play.