SCJ Studio


Seattle, WA

Project Type



Inform Interiors


1000 SQ FT


Furniture & Decoration

Studio Photography

Miranda Hattie Photography

Photography — Ellie Lillstrom

We were approached by landscape architecture firm SCJ Studio to select new furniture for their office space. Employees wanted the option of standing at their workstations, and needed more storage and general organization. The firm also wanted a better physical representation of their culture in their shared office building. In addition to selecting furnishings, our responsibilities grew to include space planning, choosing light fixtures and paint, and consulting on how to display the breadth of SCJ’s work in a manner that reflected their capabilities and perspective. The new space is bright, organized, modern, and professional. Strategic space planning resulted in double the number of work areas and fosters better collaboration between team members.

We maximized the space, creating a cohesive, efficient and inviting work environment.

When you enter the office, you are enveloped by the firm’s collaborative aesthetic and culture.