Lone Madrone


San Juan Islands, WA

Project Type



Heliotrope Architects

Decorative Lighting



1600 SQ FT



General Contractor

David Shore

Fine Art

Aleph Geddis

Photography — Haris Kenjar

This jewel-box house, nestled carefully into a special length of shoreline, was commissioned as a retreat for a young family. As designed by Heliotrope Architects, the public rooms open to the surrounding landscape and view with retractable screens and window walls, providing an extraordinary connection to the site. The public spaces embrace local materials through their fir and cedar cladding, while private rooms are tucked away and employ soft, misty finishes.

OreStudios was asked by the owners to furnish the entire house including exterior spaces. Over the course of three summers, we outfitted the rooms with a rugged and refined approach, ensuring the interiors would hold up to the elements as well as a constant stream of family and friends. Upholstery is deep and comfortable, special dining chairs invite long, lingering meals, and unique textiles and artwork throughout provide a sense of place without overpowering the dramatic views.

The living room opens seamlessly to both the ocean and the forest.

Dining chairs by Maruni surround a single slab of elm mounted to antique machine legs.

Crisp and quiet details define the private spaces and increase the impact of the view.