Magnolia Manor


Seattle, WA

Project Type



Jay Coupard


Inform Interiors


2500 SQ FT


Furniture & Decoration

General Contractor

Douglas Johnson & Co.

Specialty Textiles

Carley Kahn

Photography — Andy Beers

Perched at the crest of a hill, this 1920s cottage was in need of a renovation to better support the young family who calls it home. Designed by Seattle architect Jay Coupard, the renovations improve the building’s form, while strengthening the connection to the street and backyard.

OreStudios was hired to help select new fixtures and furnishings that were congruous with the major space-planning and finish-selection decisions. Neutral foundation pieces were chosen for maximum flexibility, paying special attention to scale and views through rooms. Subtle touches of blue and ochre were incorporated in the decoration as threads of color connecting the new furnishings with the original Batchedler fireplace tile and painted window trim. Graceful chairs, stools, and decorative lighting add a warm note to the crisp detailing of the interior envelope.

The clients wanted enough furniture for the space to live comfortably, without adding anything superfluous.

The living room pairs a beautiful contemporary sofa with vintage Dux chairs recovered in fabric by Carley Kahn.